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Sizing Charts

Underwear Size Chart

How to measure your undies?

Lay your underwear flat unstretched.

Note leg and waist measurements are taken at the sewn seam as the stitching is the constraint in the stretch of the fabric.

To determine which size undies to get, take the lay flat dimension from the table above and multiply by two. This should relate to your related body circumference measurements.

Our bamboo undies have great stretch!

Although there will be variations in the amount of stretch due to the amount of heat treatment/print processes the fabric needs to go through.

This means that the plain single colour prints will be our softest and most stretchy cotton underwear.  

 * Please note: We cannot exchange underwear that have had tags removed and have been tried on naked skin due to hygiene reasons. So please choose carefully or try on over other underwear first.

Girls Underwear: Sit higher at the waist and are a more snug fit around the bottom to ensure that they don’t expose those girls who like to roll around with skirts on.

Boys Underwear: A more relaxed fit that sits at the hip. Slightly larger through the crotch to allow for adequate space and air circulation of the genitals.

High waisted underwear

Bonds Underwear



Boyleg underwear

tradie underwear



Women's Underwear

women's underwear


Doubling the measurements below show the circumference and abolute minimum circumference before the underwear will become slack when wearing and could fall down.

Work on a stretch factor of 150% of the circumference for a comfortable fit.