Why Bamboo and Organic Cotton?

Bamboo offers lots of amazing qualities; like breathability, it is moisture wicking, thermal regulating and odour neutralising.

Because of these properties, it means that moisture and bacteria on the skin are reduced making it the perfect choice for sensitive or eczema prone skin.

Organic Cotton adds great stability to the fabric resulting in a super soft and structurally sound garment.

Our suppliers use a closed vat and recycling water system and work hard to produce fabric in an ecologically responsible manner, with minimal environmental impact.

Our bamboo is sourced from a forest certified by the FSC and certified Organic by the OCIA and USDA.
Our yarn is certified organic, Organic Exchange 100 Standard (OE100) and the Organic Exchange Blended Standard.

Bamboo facts:

- Naturally soft
- Thermal regulating
- Wicks moisture away from the body
- Breathable.
- Odour Controlling
- Provides UV protection
- Bamboo is sustainable and is 100% biodegradable


Are Lulu Funk products good for sensitive or eczema prone skin?

Absolutely yes! See the above question and answer.


Where are Lulu Funk Products made?

Our products are made in India, by an incredibly experperienced team of people, with decades of knowledge and experience in the milling of bamboo and organic cotton fabric and clothing manufacture. Our team are highly skilled workers who are paid well and this is reflected in the cost of our products. The 5S model of process and order is used on the factory floor which ensures safety at its core for all workers involved in the manufacturing of Lulu Funk Products. Our team use state of the art needle technology to ensure our products are super soft and comfortable, and the factory runs 100% on solar power - now that's something we are super proud of!

In June of 2016, we enjoyed a week long visit to the factory, to get to know some of the team.


Apart from the fabric qualities, why should I choose Lulu Funk underwear?

Our girls underwear is designed to fit high on the hip, have maximum coverage around the bottom area, and fit snugly around the legs, so that girls can be girls and play on trampolines without the risk of baring all to the world, unlike some of the girls "bikini cut" undies on the market currently. They are super stretchy and built for active kids.

Our boys underwear is cut with a faux fly and Y front detail, so they're "just like dads undies". They are super stretchy, have a relaxed fit on the waist and are built for active kids.

Because our underwear is breathable and odour neutralising, they can by worn by babies as over-naps until they are ready to transition to underwear.

All of our underwear is made without elastic at the waist and legs, as for many kids,  this can cause significant irritation. We don't need elastic because our underwear is super duper ridiculously soft and stretchy!

Lets high five to no more hungry bums!!


Apart from the fabric qualities, why should I choose Lulu Funk sleepwear?

Our sleepwear is made to act like a second skin for your little ones, keeping them cooler when its warm, and warmer when its cold. 

We've tried really hard to make our designs fun, so that bedtime is just that little bit cooler.

We use flatseaming in areas of common irritation, and have made sure our sleepwear is made for wrigglers.

Featuring a yoga roll top waist, this can be folded over or secured over the raglan top, for those kids that like the feeling of a onesie.


Where are you based?

We're based in Feilding, in rural New Zealand.

We are passionate about fun and functional next to the skin wear for kids, that lasts the distance.


Do you ship internationally?

We sure do! Please see our shipping information  under the "about" section.


When will I receive my order?

For New Zealand domestic orders, please allow up to 3 working days. For New Zealand rural orders please allow up to 4 working days. For international orders, arrival depends on destination, but this is usually around 10 working days. ( Please note that our International orders are untracked).


Do you offer Layby?

Yes we do. This service is offered through Laybuy. This option will be made available to you on the payment page at checkout.

6 weekly Automatic Payments are made, interest free; no hassle!!


I am worried about sizing, is there somewhere I can check? 

We have a sizing chart available in the click down tab "About".

If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at hello@lulufunk.com


Can I recycle my packaging?

All of our products are sent in recyclable packaging, currently this is either a cardboard pillowbox, brown paper or a plastic sleeve.

Our plastic sleeves can be put in most recycling bins, as they are category 5 plastics. We try to limit the use of plastic where we can.


I have another question.........

Please send an email to hello@lulufunk.com - we'd love to hear from you!

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