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Welcome to Lulu Funk!

Our journey with Lulu funk started in 2019 when we purchased it from the Founder Suzy. As owners of Fudgey Pants we knew that our children needed just as awesome underwear as they had had nappies!

We're passionate about providing soft, fun and comfortable underwear for little bottoms, from potty training, through to ten!

Potty training and toileting can be a difficult phase and transition for the little people in our lives; our underwear makes it just that little bit easier. Because Comfort is Freedom.

Our underwear is designed in New Zealand and is a perfect choice if your little one has skin sensitivities or eczema.


Lulu Funk Founders story, as told by Suzy.....

Lulu Funk started its journey in my garage!

At first it was a hobby, based on a love for creating, born from a need to create fun underwear to entice my first born son out of nappies and into undies.

He took some time to warm to the idea of ditching the nappies.
He had long before declared his hate for store bought underwear (you know the ones in the 4/6/8 packs with the starchy fabric and the elasticated waist and legs)- he would come out in large red welts in the area in contact with the bands.

So when I started to make underwear in fun and exciting prints- helicopters, dinosaurs and trucks- he got excited and ditched the nappies. Success I thought…….well not for long…..
You see, my son unfortunately suffered some sensitivity in the genital area, that at times would bring him to tears. He complained that underwear hurt - including my initial attempts at underwear prior to bamboo.

Then came a time of research, research, research. I was determined to find a product/fabric that didn’t cause him discomfort.
I stumbled upon documented information about the benefits of bamboo. I searched far and wide, but nowhere could I find underwear for children made from bamboo. It was time to make some myself!!

Little did I know that this was the beginning of Lulu Funk. After sourcing and making my son some bamboo underwear (without telling him the difference), he declared “that’s it, these are the only undies I will wear.”
So I emptied his draws of ‘the fodder’ and filled them with underwear lovingly made by yours truly.

My son would later require an operation due to his sensitivity, which- though better in general, is maintained to a comfortable level by the underwear he wears on a daily basis; our organic cotton and bamboo underwear. This is now produced ethically by our manufacturer in the heart of the bamboo industry.

At this time we also chose to add Organic Cotton to the fabric. This helps to give stability and structure to the fabric. Organic Cotton in its own right is non-irritating, is highly absorbent and comfortable, therefore it does not detract from the benefits of bamboo.

Bamboo is grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides and requires almost no water to grow. It is the fastest growing woody plant in the world (one species can grow over 1 meter per day) and can grow in very diverse climates making it a very sustainable and versatile resource.
Organic cotton is grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

As time has gone by, my heart has been warmed to the many emails and success stories of other people’s children. From bad eczema that has cleared up completely, to the disappearance of smelly odours and red itchy genitals (sorry there are no pretty words for that).

So what else makes our underwear different from the rest?

- We have designed underwear that has maximum coverage, so no need to worry about little girls in skirts on bouncy castles and trampolines.

- Our fabric is super soft due to the superfine needles used in the fabric knitting process and the gentle care taken in the dye and manufacture process.

- Bamboo is thermal regulating, which means it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

- No elastic bands in the waist and legs; we don’t need to because our fabric is so ridiculously stretchy yet has fantastic recovery.

What else could you possibly need in kids underwear?!!