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5 Mother’s Day Must Haves

Posted by Joel Kendall on
5 Mother’s Day Must Haves

Mother’s day is just around the corner. Mother’s day is a day of role reversal; a day we get to show our Mums just how much we love them and appreciate the day to day things they do for us.

Mother’s day doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to be extravagant, but just ask any Mum out there and she’ll tell you how nice it is to be appreciated by being validated on Mother’s day. Whether that be a card, breakfast in bed, or simply the biggest bear hug accompanied by “Mum you’re the greatest, most special Mum on this planet”! We’ve put together for you our favorite ideas for Mum this Mother’s day:

1. Pamper her with Coco+Nut Oil from Skinfood

Hitting two birds with one stone, this product is both a treat for the skin and a necessary essential. Many women find as they get older they need a moisturizer with a bit more substance, a bit more omfph, without the greasy heavy residue. This product deeply moisturizes while leaving your skin supple and soft. A must have for Mums that don’t have a lot of time to spend on beauty regimes, yet want the soft skin none the less. Coco+Nut Oil is available for purchase at

And thanks to skinfood, we have a bottle of this elixir of life to give away. Terms at the bottom of blog post.





2. Nourish her with “Mix a Muesli” – by The Muesli Hub

A tantalizing treat for the taste buds that will score high on Mums feel good list too! The muesli Hub offers gorgeous premade muesli’s but also the option to create your own – and that’s what’s got us salivating! Starting with a base of your choice from bircher through to gluten free, from there you can add nuts, fruit, seeds and other goodies till your hearts content. Oh and did we mention Whittakers chocolate bits are a choice…..oh lordy….

Today we’ll be feasting on a Muesli Hub breakfast of roasted oats, coconut, dates, mango, chia, puffed amaranth, pecans and freeze dried raspberries….ahhhh pure bliss.

You can even personalize your muesli with a name - or you can choose their pre-made “Love You Mum” Mother’s Day Muesli!

So where can you get these delicious creations? Visit to create yours!





3. Indulge her with Pure Fiji Pineapple Sugar Rub

Want to take her on an island holiday but can’t get to the island? You don’t need to! This product will take her there. Before you even open this jar the aroma of tangy but sweet pineapples emanates, you’ll want to dive right in there yourself, but stop, it’s for Mum! A sugar rub acts to exfoliate away the dead skin and therefore leaves silky soft and smooth skin in its wake. Mum will feel a million bucks and will smell like the best darn pineapple you ever did come across. The only risky part? – she may eat it instead….it’s that delicious…..

Available from





 4. Treat her with Coco Rose body Polish available at Tonic Room

Ok so a polish is much like a Rub, but we couldn’t choose!! They’re both so delicious. Coco Rose body Polish is gently exfoliating and highly moisturising and combines two unbeatable elements; Moroccan Rose and Virgin Coconut Oil, leaving Mum in a very happy place and smelling rather edible! Coco Rose body polish is a gorgeously indulgent treat for a very lucky Mum and is available at




5. Capture for her, available by little sprogs

And by sprogs we mean delightful, darling offspring of said Mum. A few years ago a certain Dad, started a tradition of collecting a Mother’s day snapshot of her little heavenly creatures. He bought them each a special “Mother’s day book” to decorate with a page, and gift to their Mother on Mother’s day.

And every Mother’s day from that day forth, she is presented with this special book to marvel at the incredible creatures that she brought into this world. The creatures she has fought with and negotiated with, disciplined and supported, ached for and cried with, held and fallen asleep with, nursed and …………loved endlessly and unconditionally. And she is so grateful that that Dad has helped capture those memories for her. 

Enjoy enjoying your mothers’ on Mother’s day.


Lulu Funk x


*To go in the draw to win a bottle of Coco+Nut Oil by Skinfood, comment below with what you’ll be doing with your Mum this Mother’s Day.

-Competition drawn 5th May 2016.

-NZ residents only

-Winner notified by Facebook post – so make sure you’re following!

(competition not associated with or endorsed by Facebook)

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  • Tracy King on

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to do anything with Mum this mother’s day as she won’t be home, she’s leaving for a trip to the South Island.

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