One For Me, One For You; Please Help Us!!

Posted on May 08 2017

Our winter stock has now arrived!

However I wanted to take the opportunity to talk to you about an initiative over the next couple of weeks that we REALLY REALLY need your help with!

We have two HUGE boxes full of seconds underwear in our storage (seconded because of printing errors and not functionality). We thought about putting this stock up online cheap - as we love to let you guys in on a deal - but we decided it would be better put to use to the thousands of children living on the poverty line in New Zealand, and also children under Oranga Tamariki's (formerly CYF's) care and those kids caught in the middle of domestic violence in New Zealand. Children who often leave homes with only the clothes on their backs.

After talking to an amazing social worker (who will remain anonymous), who I contacted to find the right channel for donation, I found my heart in my throat at the sheer amount of children he talked of. This was today, a day with biting cold on the wind – the signal of an approach of another cold winter. Another winter that will be brutal to many New Zealand children. Children that could be our own. Children that in the case of Oranga Tamariki and women’s refuge, are feeling very scared and lonely.

So I have decided that after talking to this passionate and caring social worker and seeing My Organic Child​ owner Sig making a huuuge donation to Save The Children, that I will be making a donation of my own. For every single pair of underwear or winter PJ’s purchased from now until May 20th, I will donate a duplicate to a child in need. (These will be disseminated to those most in need with the help of this social worker and to Women’s Refuge centers in New Zealand).

So with that being said, please help spread the word of “One For Me, One For You.” I’ll be making a very budget video to share on Facebook, so keep an eye out on our page.

Please help us make this a huge rocking success for those children in need in New Zealand this winter.

Thanks in advance for your kind hearts xxx


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