2017 Here We Come!

Posted on January 04 2017

Whats coming 2017!!!
In 2016, we saw our little company become incorporated (yaaay), We saw PJ's both summer and winter and new colours and prints on our underwear for girls and boys.
Behind the scenes we've been working on many many products.
Some of them have taken longer than expected to perfect and some of them just haven't "worked" and we've ditched or postboned.
2016 was about taking the bull by the horns for us and learning aspects of business that were completely new to us.
It was also about refining our processes with our manufacturer to know we can bring your kids the best, softest and most functional underwear and sleepwear around!
In 2017 we'll keep building on this ethos with
- A new style of PJ pant coming out this winter "the slimline pant".
- A fantastic collaborarion project with Looloo Toilet Training solutions( http://www.looloo.co.nz ) of a community to #conquerbedwetting over at www.drybynight.co
- some fantastic underwear coming out at the end of the year, designed by and in collaboration with some of you amazing people who entered our undie artwork challege - psst the winners don't know yet - it could be you!
Who knows what else this year will bring for Lulu Funk, but at the end of the day, it's success so far is all down to you lovely people- so THANK YOU for your continued support.
May your year be happy, healthy and inspiring


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